This website is a commercial website from PD Cahaya Arwana Nusantara which is located in Raya Kumpai No 18, Desa Sungai Ambangah, Kec. Sungai Raya, Pontianak.

The company started from the hobby of its founder, who was Yulius Pangkawira, who had had arowana since year 1982 (at that time, it was taken from the wild), then it was taken seriously into fisheries in 1998 dan upsized to a bigger farm in 2002. We choose the location close to the Kapuas River, so the water in the farm could be taken directly to create a naturally suitable environment for the fish. The success in breeding a selective and high quality arowana is our pride!

Our company is registered to CITES International with A-ID-526 by the name PD Cahaya Arwana Nusantara